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War wolves Empty War wolves

Post by Talon on Tue Oct 15, 2013 6:46 pm

In this Rp you are a wolf from the species given to chose from. There are two packs, the bleeding fangs pack and the claws of terror pack, you chose one pack to be in and chose the fate for that pack. It is set in a forest named the firewood forest, the two packs are rival packs and will try to find any excuse to be in battle with each other. They used to be a equal pack and lived as one, but a wolf named Tudwo, killed a pup and they fought hard. And ever since the became two packs and loved to see one another fight and have blood shed. So, can you survive the War wolves?

Rules: 1: no god modding 2: Dont make up characters 3: code word:WAR 4: HAVE FUN!

Application form (You can Pm me the form or write it down here, but i prefer write it
down here):
Age (in dog years):

My form:
Pack: Bleeding fangs pack
Name: Taresa
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Species: Grey wolf
Growths/abilities: Can run almost 150 miles an hour if wants to.

Available wolf species: Grey wolf, tundra wolf, dire wolf, and the red wolf.

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