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Post by Fiametta on Fri Jan 17, 2014 4:08 pm

Here in the city of BARCELONA, SPAIN, it's your chance to stay alive and hunt and scavenge for food, water, etc. You left the last city where humans evaded the place with litter and drove you away with torches and pitch forks. Now you arrive here and there are many humans that are animal friendly or butchers that would chase you when they can and do what they want with you. The only thing is, there's no way out of this city and you'll become lost if you try so.
Your character in this RP is alone, starving, tired and thirsty. You must think of the next pinpoint location and find food or water. From there you can rest, adventure and explore your new home!

Here is the sight of the city from above, though you'll have to use your imagination on how it looks like close up compared to the shot from above. Think you have what it takes to live here? lets find out!
Into The City - A new life Barcelona_22@

You can have up to Three (3) characters. It can be all humans, all animals or two of of animals..etc. The character you will play as are, dogs, cats and humans. Any type of cat and dog, any kind of human can be played. You can b an officer, dog catcher, butcher, etc. Be creative and unique with your character! You won't be able to change the name of your character or what it looks like. Each kind of human has a specific role. With that role you can only do certain objectives or duties and not everything.

Little Rules To Remember
When you fill out your form, please do not have any mary sue's involved, do not also include powers, shape shifting, abusive behavior, instant love/crush. Please have at least 3 sentences minimum each post. if you fail to do so, you may be aked to edit your posts.

Form to request:

Species (Human, animal):
Stray or pet:
Short description ( You can also provide a link instead of typing out your characters looks):
Short Narration (Little or no history. This is optional):
Strengths and Weaknesses:

Season: Summer
Temperature & Forecast: Mildly cool, partially cloudy, sun shining and the streets are hot on your toes!

Danger(s): There are some feral dogs roaming the city, try to avoid them! They are dangerous, lanky and will brawl over anything!
The dog catcher is on the hunt! watch out!

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